Our Sustainability

Importance of the environment for a sustainable group.

Logistics are based on efficiency and customer satisfaction, but it is also important to keep the logistics industry environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible for the future. At the Green Group, the logistics network solutions and transportation processes we offer present numerous opportunities to help ourselves and our customers in achieving their green goals. We have provided some information below on how important the environment is to our working processes and departments.

Transportation Sustainability

Vehicle Operator Training - Maintain safe and fuel-efficient driving on the road. When loading/unloading at nationwide sites, minimise the use of fuel and environmental pollution. Each driver is trained, monitored and re-trained on this subject. The use of fuel is monitored from all drivers by our HQ technology and factory fitted technology in our trucks. Each driver understands how they can get the best performance from their truck and equipment and avoid unnecessary fuel use.

During the planning stage and live real-time feeds, the administration team can use local knowledge and the use of technology to optimise fuel efficiency on the road and make the vehicle avoid congested roads.

The vehicles are loaded to the maximum permitted weight to the requirement of the customers.

All vehicles are maintained to the highest of standards and we change vehicles on a regular basis ensuring we receive the most technologically advanced trucks with greener engines.

We have 5 stars in the Echo Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme. This ensures:

  • Fleet Composition: Any fuel saving or measuring technology fitted
  • Fuel Management: Monitoring Fuel consumption and spend, raising fuel awareness
  • Driver Skills Development: Training in safe and fuel efficient driving techniques
  • Vehicle Specification & Preventative Maintenance: Robust servicing and maintenance plan, regular tyre inspection and wheel alignment checking
  • IT support systems Routing and scheduling, telematics and monitoring
  • Performance monitoring and management: Use of performance indicators, setting targets for continuous improvement

We also have a bronze Fleet operator recognition scheme, Bronze accreditation confirms that you employ good practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard. This includes demonstrating dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with improving operating practices through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Vehicle Operator Training

At our locations we Minimise the use of lighting, heating, paper and other materials consistent with the comfort of employees and requirements of the business where applicable. We practise this by installing LED lighting, motion Sensor lighting and providing the correct waste outputs.

We monitor our forklift trucks in our warehouses for efficiency readings and will take action if they are too high. We maintain vehicle performance whilst maintaining sustainability.

We try to reduce paper use where we can by using paperless software applications containing the information we need to use. We will only print items from this digital platform if required.

The Complete Solution

The Complete Solution

If there is a service you require that isn’t featured above then please contact us and we can arrange a solution that works for you.

Remember we have other services available such as Pallet Network solutions and warehousing capabilities, which you may require. The Green Group can provide a complete solution for all of your logistical needs.

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International Air Transport Association
Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
BRC Global Standards
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme