The Green Group Vehicle Specifications

All the information you need to know about the Green Group Lorries.

The Green Group Trucks are an iconic fleet of logistics vehicles which can be seen on the UK roads 24/7. With over 150 trucks on the road every day, they are hard to miss and have become a popular brand for truck-spotters or vehicles enthusiasts over the last few years. Sometimes referred to as the “Green and Black Lorry” or the “Black & Green Truck with a G symbol” you are guaranteed to see one when traveling on a short commute on of of our major motorways.

Our trucks have also been to a lot of truck festivals for example convoy in the park, and are featured in many “lorry spotting” publications and websites such as As there is a lot of interest in the Green Group Trucks & Trailers we thought we would give you some technical information on each one of our trucks so you can see the variety we use and their purpose.

International Air Transport Association
Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
BRC Global Standards
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme