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All the information you need to know about The Green Group ethos.

The Green Group is a collective of established companies brought together to expand and promote our main ethos of ‘progressive thinking with intelligent growth’. With our development, growth and technological advancements, its important to keep the general company values apparent and at our core focus. Below are the values and ethos we believe in as a group.

Values & Ethos

The Green Group Values

The Green Group has a core ethos shared by every member of our team, from our CEO to our drivers. Our values are the foundation of our relationships with our customers. We believe these standards and ethics make The Green Group a happy, successful place to work.

Customer Focus

As trusted advisors, our customers value everything we do. We aim to deliver a “wow” experience every time through excellent service, and to perform each task with pride and with safety as our paramount concern.


We stand by the quality of work we deliver, and we’re committed to constant improvements in our service. We embrace and drive change. We are adventurous, creative, open-minded, and determined.


We always act with integrity, fairness and accountability. Our motto is, ‘If we agree to it, we do it’. We always build open and honest relationships with the highest level of communication. Our integrity guarantees our long-term sustainability.


We work with passion and act professionally.  We are serious about our business and we take satisfaction in a good job well done, which in turn makes work enjoyable.


As we grow as a group and develop our services/technologies in our various logistic network solutions, we will endeavour to maintain our values and ethos as stated above, we are dedicated to our service.

The Complete Solution

The Complete Solution

If there is a service you require that isn’t featured above then please contact us and we can arrange a solution that works for you.

Remember we have other services available such as Pallet Network solutions and warehousing capabilities, which you may require. The Green Group can provide a complete solution for all of your logistical needs.

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International Air Transport Association
Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
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