Green Group Trailer Eye Tracking
19 Nov

The Green Group - Trailer Eye Tracking Software

Green Group Logistics Ltd, have fitted Lawrence David’s Trailer-Eye Telematics unit to their entire fleet of trailers in a bid to improve operational efficiencies and reduce trailer downtime.

With depots throughout the UK, Green Group Logistics recognised the importance of implementing a robust telematics solution to help drive down costs and improve the bottom line.

Lawrence David’s Trailer-Eye solution is a complete package that can be integrated into your existing Fleet Management System through a simple API, allowing you to track your trailer irrespective of who is coupled to it.

Green Group Logistics opted to have the trackers fitted to the 63 trailers in their recent order from Lawrence David and after seeing the benefits, made the decision to roll them out across the fleet. With an installation time of five minutes, discreet fitting options and no battery, Green Group have already saved money with Trailer-Eye.

Trailer-Eye is a fully bespoke system that can be tailored to meet the requirements of any operation, including the ability to customise the reports generated by the system, so the user can gain actionable data that WILL help to improve their operation if implemented.

For the Green Group, one of the benefits of Trailer-Eye is the ability to ‘Geo-Fence’ their own depots and those of their customers, so they know exactly when the trailers arrive and depart – so they’ll always have the right trailers in the right place at the right time.

Tom Lister, Green Group’s Manging Director, said “We have already seen multiple benefits to Trailer-Eye. It’s given us improved visibility on the trailers, improved our efficiency through proactive maintenance and allowed us to begin to reduce trailer downtime. Over the next few weeks we’ll finish integrating the Trailer-Eye system into our existing Fleet Management System, which will give us a greater overview of the fleet.”

The Maintenance Module that comes with the package allows Green Group to view the overall maintenance position of the fleet and identify areas of concern, allowing work to be scheduled directly into their maintenance calendar - so compliance will never be an issue.

At Lawrence David we don’t believe in waiting for an issue to become a problem – we fix it before it becomes a problem.